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Tanisha LeFlore

With an extensive professional history spanning over 25 years, I possess a well-established reputation in procurement, specifically within the personal care and beauty sector. My proficiency in recognizing potential challenges and crafting effective remedies has consistently translated into notable cost savings and delivering innovations in record timing, over the course of my career.

My expertise extends to management of supplier relationships, ensuring steadfast adherence to corporate protocols, and overseeing both strategic and operational facets of global sourcing. The scope of my accomplishments includes fostering robust internal collaborations with stakeholders like R&D and marketing, resulting in top-tier executions. I bring strategic acumen and results-driven approach to project management, aligning initiatives with overarching business goals.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with small to mid-size entrepreneurial ventures, Contract Manufactures (CM), as well as Fortune CPG companies.

The depth of my experience and the array of accomplishments within the field of procurement makes me enthusiastic about partnering with your organization.

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